We managed to offer our entire portfolio of services to our clients and expanded the scalability and exponentiality of our business.

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Hugo Calvo - Auren

Hugo Calvo

Auren Partner - Consulting Division

I am responsible for innovation and transformation projects of organizations from HR, in terms of Agile, Smart Working, Digitization, Analytics, Gamification, Trends, etc. In addition, he permanently participated in the National Auren Innovation Committee and the International Commission of Auren People.



63.6 M €







At Auren, we offer innovative services with specialized teams, providing agil solutions to our clients. From the People Consulting area, we focus on creating proposals that cover the entire life cycle of talent, that is, from recruitment processes, selection, headhunting, interim management, onboarding, skills assessment, performance, satisfaction, commitment, training, development, coaching, mentoring, career transition and offboarding.

We help HR in its organization, structure and activity redefinition; innovation and improvement of its processes; creation of people management policies, plans and models; update of its professionals; template pulse (climate surveys, etc.); knowledge of the environment (studies, benchmarks, competitors' mapping, etc.); marketing of the function, audits, cultural transformation, etc.

We carry out special programs for different groups, due to gender, generation, special abilities, culture, etc. to help ensure the best possible people management in organizations.

All the initiatives we develop require a global business vision, sensitivity towards people, creativity, continuous updating and a high level of communication to adapt to the different needs and contexts of the organizations with which we work.


We use multiple technological platforms to support the different types of services we offer, but this fragmentation makes it difficult to monitor the performance and results of our projects and the traceability of information, which does not help us to implement improvements and innovate systemically.

We needed a solution that understood our challenge: to have support to offer the different types of projects we carry out, both online and offline, being able to integrate and modulate our entire portfolio of services and tools, in a personalized, simple, attractive, interactive, gamified way. scalable and measurable to give our customers what they need, when they need it most, how they like it and with whomever


go4clic fit us perfectly, because it is a platform designed by specialists who understand the needs of consulting and have considered the particular use cases that we have in any project for organizations, public or private, whether small, medium or large.

In addition, it offers endless resources and challenges that stimulate the participation and interaction of users and turns them into creators and promoters of content, which helps to increase their commitment and use of the initiative in which they participate and, therefore, to ensure the success of the project.

Finally, I would highlight the possibility of carrying out immediate setups for clients, taking advantage of content, integrating external tools, linking activities, giving continuity to programs, etc.



From the joint work, we have built a powerful digital ecosystem, easily replicable and adaptable in each of the projects we carry out. We managed to offer our entire portfolio of services to our clients and expanded the scalability and exponentiality of our business.

Go4clic not only helps us to offer our current services, but also allows us to develop new products, services and experiences.

Hugo Calvo

Auren Partner - Consulting Division