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Creating an asynchronous cohort-based leadership development program

This week we spoke with Keith Meyerson, a seasoned professional in learning and talent, who brings a wealth of experience to the adventure lifestyle organization Powder. As a prominent figure in Powder, which owns and operates ski resorts and adventure parks, Keith is dedicated to inspiring individuals with incredible learning experiences. With a background spanning […]



How create Psychological Safety in our training

This week, we had the pleasure of conversing with Romy Alexandra, a seasoned professional renowned as both a facilitator of learning experiences and an expert in Psychological Safety. Romy’s journey is a testament to her transformation from dreading all things virtual to a dedicated mission of redefining online events. With a deep understanding of the […]




Enhancing Soft Skills with Gamified Learning

This week we spoke with Aleksandra and Yulia, founders of BClub, a training company where programs develop the soft skills of people by playing. With an active and very attractive learning method that combines playful elements of business training with interactive collaboration, BClub offers 100% practical training, 0% theory. A powerful and direct conversation about […]




The Future of Education: Evidence-based learning

During the podcast, we discussed the importance of creating learning experiences that involve connection and dialogue. Dr. Philippa Hardman (Founder DOMS) highlighted the challenges of designing effective learning experiences that prioritize social and collaborative learning. Also, she shared her experience working with educators and subject matter experts and how she learned that excluding them from […]