Argentina challenge is consolidated and plans to go throughout the country looking for the best startups

This Thursday, September 19, the final Argentina Challenge was held in the YPF Y-TEC auditorium in La Plata, an event that began as a venue in the city of La Plata and this year was extended to startups throughout the country.

Pablo Alemán from the team told us exclusively for TsTimes that more than 350 startups from all over the country were registered and what was positively surprising was the high level of masmas. The best 18 representatives of the main investment funds in the Region arrived yesterday.

The next year we would find ourselves doing it in Córdoba, Mendoza or Santa Fe. We want to reach 1,000 registrants and become the most important event for startups, of course, but also for funds to connect with entrepreneurs in more mature stadiums and take advantage of the event as a springboard to scale to other markets and make visible what you are doing at the country level.

Among those who stood out were:

Matias Shulz from Mar del Plata who is the CEO of ViewMind

ViewMind is a company that is dedicated to the development of neurocognitive evaluations through a technology called Eyetracking. An Eyetracker is an internal red camera that knows the exact point of the gaze in every hundredth of a second within a screen. With this we evaluate reading patterns, decision-making, pupil dilation, a lot of different factors that the person does while reading or observing >>, details Matías Shulz, a 32-year-old industrial engineer who is CEO of this startup.>

We identify very early symptoms of diseases such as Alzheimer's with a test that lasts eight to ten minutes. And Alzheimer's, specifically, we can detect it 10 years in advance. Matías tells us.

Box Synergy develops products that provide water and energy for the most demanding outdoor uses, for this they have smaller products, greater efficiency and launched the most compact solar charger on the market.

Fede Bianchi from BUenos Aires is the CEO of Wimet

Wimet is the airbnb of events. They provide a platform for microtemporaries rentals of unique spaces for meetings and events, either by the hour or by the day

And the revelation from La Plata of Leo Gimenez who is CEO of Go4Clic.

Go4Clic is an elearning platform that with only 30 days has already captured the interest of users and investors. It is a methodology based on Learn By Doing (learning by doing) focused on interaction that allows influencers or edtubers to better monetize their courses and target another type of millennial need to learn and lower the dropout rate of purely online courses.

Other startups were completed such as: ENERCRAFT, SENSIO, UNTECH, CALLING THE DOCTOR, NYDRO ENERGY, LIA AEROSPACE, CELLERIC, DTECDEAL, AVIX GAMES, SUMATO ID, BOTBIT, UALI, SIMPLEAT, PANARUM with an excellent level They made Argentina Challenge a good way to scale Argentina's innovative ventures.