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Frequent questions

Do I have to give my credit card details to start using go4clic?

There's no need! You can start using go4clic for 15 days without having to enter your card details. After the trial period you can decide whether or not to continue with the service.

Can I create multiple custom academies for my clients?

Of course! Depending on the plan you are subscribed to, you can create the number of academies included in your plan.
In addition, we have ad HOC plans for large volumes of users. Ask us.

Can I 100% customize the interface with my logo and colors of our company? Can the domain be customized?

Yes, our solution is white label. You can customize absolutely everything: Branding, colors, domain, fonts and sending emails.

Do you have any Digital Marketing service to promote courses?

Each of our clients is responsible for managing the marketing of their own training. In addition, through our integration with Zapier you can count on +3000 Apps to enhance your strategy (Mailchimp, Hubspot, Google Drive, Typeform, among others.)

How soon can I have my academy ready?

Setup is done on the fly, and it only takes 1-2 hours, tops, to customize the academy.

Is there a limit to the number of courses I can create?

You can create as many courses as you want. They are unlimited, even for the Starter plan.

What is the size limit on the files (videos, pdf, podcast, others) that I can upload?

There are currently no file size restrictions.
For videos of +1Gb the upload can take several minutes. However, if you use an external site to upload it (Vimeo, YouTube or similar) it will be more agile and will not count towards your storage limit.
> PDF: You can upload PDFs of any size. However, keep in mind that to preview them they must be less than 25Mb.

What is the limit on the number of participants that can access the platform?

The limit of participants depends on the plan you contract.

Can I exceed the storage limit that I have allocated in my plan?

Yes. You will receive a notice from our technical team to resolve the incident. You will be able to upgrade your plan, hire additional storage or delete unused files.

Can I exceed the limit of users (mentors, admin or participants) that I have allocated in my plan?

Yes. You will receive a notice from our technical team to resolve the incident. You will be able to upgrade your plan, contract additional users or eliminate inactive users.

What are the storage limits?

The storage limits depend on the plan you contract, you can see it here. Remember that you can increase your storage quota whenever you want: 9 USD each Gb/month.
Remember that you can increase your storage quota whenever you want: 9 USD each Gb/month.

Where can I see my content? How do I access my course?

Once you have logged in, go to My Profile, at the top right and click on My Contents. Another option, if you are inside the Academy, is to click on the course you want.
Keep in mind that if you do not have access, or do not see what you are looking for in the list of your contents, it may be because you have entered the platform with an incorrect email, different from the one that has been registered as a user. Please check from your profile that the email with which you entered the platform is correct.

Setup and first steps

What kind of formats or material can I upload to the platform?

You can upload files in the following formats: PDF's, videos, Microsoft word and excel, Audio MP3, MP4, .MOV. PPT, PNG, JPG, SVG.
In addition, you can embed the code from external resources or integrate links from other platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Mural, etc.

Can I upload videos or link to those from other providers?

You can upload the video content to our servers, or link from youtube, vimeo, dailymotion, etc.

Can I design my own landing page for my academy and associate it with go4clic?

Sure, you can upload a .zip containing html, css and images to your course or academy. You just have to have an index.html file with relative paths.

What is the number of downloadables that I can include per course?

Unlimited :)

What is the time limit to make live videos by ZOOM? Can I share screen during the session?

You will be able to make live videos for unlimited time and screen share as long as your ZOOM account is subscribed to a paid plan.
You can see the step by step of how to configure your zoom account here

Do you offer the VIMEO video service so that they are hidden or do I have to have my own separate Vimeo plan so that the videos are not public?

You must have your own vimeo plan (you must upload from vimeo and not from go4clic). We take that video and by configuring it from vimeo to be accessed only by a certain URL, no one can copy the link and send it to another person to see it.

Can I integrate MIRÓ or MURAL style whiteboards into my activities?

Yes, once you create the whiteboards you can create an activity as an IFrame and enjoy the interaction! You can see the step by step here.

Can I record classes on the GO4CLIC platform? That is, can I, for example, present a PPT, record myself and appear presenting?

As a streaming tool we integrate zoom, if you have the paid license, it will allow you to record it once the session is over. To perform an asynchronous presentation by displaying an app , you should use tools like loom. (the video you generate, download it and then upload it to go4clic)
+ info at https://www.loom.com

I already have my own web page, I would like the “window” to be MY PAGE and then, when they want to know more, direct them to yours. Is it possible, or do I have to transfer everything that is on my page to go4clic?

You can and it's quite simple. We have "points" of connection with wordpress and that day by day we are developing so that the user experience is the best possible.

What are the challenges or challenges?

They are activities that have a statement but present two important and differential characteristics:
They can have a time limit to answer (which will appear on a clock that will go backwards) and have an interactive and social panel, where participants, as they respond, can interact with the rest, assess responses and react to them ( I like it, it's innovation, celebrate)

How can I take advantage of the challenges?

Depending on your objectives, you can make decisions oriented to different aspects of participation: We propose some so that you can find inspiration:

  • Presentation. Example
  • Welcome to the course!

    Below, we propose that you respond to this first challenge by posting a 30-second selfie video introducing yourself and telling us what your expectations are from the course! :)

    Also, take the opportunity to greet your classmates by leaving comments on the presentations of the other participants.

  • Riddle. Example
  • Watch the video below and participate in the panel below

    Which architectural movement do you think the description belongs to?

    (Put a video associated with the challenge)

  • Exhibit a final work in multimedia format. Example
  • We have now reached the end of the comic character illustration course. According to the technique learned, we invite you to post the character you have built in the panel below. :)

  • Invite your audience to tell their own experiences. Example
  • How to be innovative within my company?

    In this video you will see the most popular techniques to innovate in an organization. Please tell us below if you have already applied any of these techniques within your own company, or if you have carried out any action that does not have to do with any of the techniques.

What does the status of each course mean:

Public > It means that it will be visible on your academy's landing page.
Private > It means that it can only be accessed with the link, but it will be hidden on your academy's landing page.
Hidden > It means that it will be non-public, that is, only mentors with editing access and admins will have access.

Can I use any other streaming system other than zoom?

At the moment, zoom is the only streaming service available, but we are working on adding Live Streaming and others.

What are the payment gateways available on the platform?

You can use Paypal, stripe and mercadopago.

Can I use any other payment gateway besides the ones listed?

For now you will only be able to use the available payment gateways, but we are working to incorporate others. However, you can use any other payment gateway through a payment link, by pasting the url in the “buy button link” in the settings. (Keep in mind that if you use this option, our tool will not automatically read the participant's registration data, so you will have to add each user manually)

Can I use more than one payment gateway per course?

Of course, you can use several at the same time and in different currencies according to the geolocation of the users.

Can I share income with mentors/teachers?

At the moment this functionality is under development.

What does the ecommerce service consist of?

Once the payment gateway functionality is enabled (Stripe, PayPal and MercadoPago -LATAM), you will be able to offer open courses that can be purchased from your academy's landing page.

If I have buyers from different countries, with different currencies, can I configure different currencies and payment methods?

Yes, we have geo pricing: it means that you can determine different payment gateways with different currencies which the user will see according to their location determined by their IP.

We have up to 6 currencies simultaneously for the same course.

Can I mass load students? That is, many at once.

Of course, the registration of students can be manually one by one or by batch through csv files.

Can I cancel a participant or several when I want?

Yes, at any time you can remove or add participants to the courses.

Can I create both asynchronous and synchronous courses?

Yes, you can create both options. Asynchronous courses do not require a start or end date and participants can enroll at any time (keep in mind that you can also configure the time each participant stays in the course); while synchronous courses DO have a start and end date, and may have a limit on the registration date.

Can I automatically generate that my client has access to the course for a certain amount of time (one year for example) and then no longer has access?

If you can establish the number of days from your enrollment and after that moment you can no longer access said course.

Can I assign "coordinators" or "tutors" so that members of my team can see the progress of the "student"?

Of course, yes, at the level of each course you will be able to incorporate the mentors to whom you can assign different permissions or "roles"

How easy is it to create modules and classes? Do I need to train you to use the platform?

In general, our clients achieve autonomy to manage the platform in a week. What we usually do is give a deep initial DEMO, showing the most characteristic features and then we form a group between the mentors and a person from our team so that doubts can be cleared up at the moment and the experience flows.

Concatenation of activities. Is there a way that the student can only advance to the next module if they complete a quiz/quiz or do they always have access to all the content?

Yes, the progress or blocking of activities can be determined at the unit level, activity level or a combination of both.

The access emails to the courses and communications with the participants: can they be customized or do they come by default from the system?

Yes, from the basic plan you can customize with your own box.

What user levels are there?

ADMIN: Responsible for the general configuration of the Academy. You can add or remove mentors and participants.

MENTOR: There are 3 levels of mentors. They differ in the types of access and permissions they have:

  • to. Edit commercial content of the course. Create modules and activities.
  • b. Create content within the course (Modules and Activities)
  • c. Read only or Read only: You can respond and interact during the course and the challenges. In addition, administrative issues such as metrics and performances, but you will not be able to edit.

PARTICIPANT: They can only reply and view activities.

Can documents or specific activities be shared with small groups or specific people within the platform, without the rest of the participants in the course seeing it?

Yes. You can indicate if it is an activity or resource for everyone, for a work team, a group or an individual.

Does the platform have a system that allows me to decide how often the participants receive the material? (for example, that they receive a video every day, or once a week)

The display of the course can be handled manually. It will depend on the modality of the course, if it is synchronous or asynchronous. Being synchronous (that is, the course has a beginning and an end for all its participants), units or activities can be enabled weekly.

You can insert links that direct them to other pages (IG, youtube, etc)

Yes, any link can be inserted. You can even make live youtube or zoom videos within our platform.

Can I build payment links with specific codes to do affiliate marketing?

You can establish a single payment link per course that takes you to that link. Then the registration to the course is manual.

When the participants complete a quiz/quiz, do they always get the answer to them and me or can it be configured so that it only gets to me and then send all their answers to them?

At the quiz level we have the possibility of configuring the number of attempts allowed and of randomly ordering the questions and answers, but whenever they finish an attempt they are shown the result obtained but not which are the correct answers, that is shown at the end of the quiz.

As a mentor you can see which answers were right, wrong and which were correct.

Can I create different certificates for my courses?

Sure, you can create one or more certificates for each course and for different instances, for example: certificate of completed course, best performance, etc.

Do you offer a forum for students?

Students have a group chat where they can interact whenever they want. We also have group activities where you can work in real time, see each other, and chat.

Can there be more than one instructor per course to answer forum questions?

Yes, the ones you want.

Do I have flexibility in relation to whether or not I want my clients to leave their comments? Can I set it to only send me private messages?

You can configure absolutely everything. Private, public, or protected, where they will only see the responses of their peers when they generate their own. for all activities separately.

You can also decide that they leave comments between them.

Do you offer email marketing service? Or can I configure automatic mails to the contacts that I upload to the platform (whether they are clients or not) and send them periodically?

We have a configuration of scheduled email shipments but it is not intended for marketing but rather for notices of dates and deliveries of the courses. At the moment we are not integrated with any email marketing platform, but we are analyzing the integration with Zapier, which provides many tools of this style.

Can the platform be linked with Google analytics to improve the positioning of my courses in search engines?

Yes, you can link it. Click on manage Institution on the top right, then click on step 4 "External codes".

The Facebook Pixel can be linked to track my advertising campaigns

Yes, you can link it. Click on manage Institution on the top right, then click on step 4 "External codes".


Can I integrate any gamification platform that I already use?

Yes! Send us the name of the platform you use so we can investigate and see the possibility of integrating it.

If what you want to integrate is available in Zapier, it facilitates the integration.

Can I integrate Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics?

Of course!, from the management of your institution or you can also add external codes such as Facebook pixel or Google Analytics.

Billing and subscriptions

How is the payment computed? Should I start using the platform on the 1st of the month?

The monthly subscription covers the first to the last day of the month for administrative organization, if it starts in the middle of it, the proportional amount is paid on that date for the remainder. :)

If I reward or gift access to my paid course, can I add those participants without going through the payment process?

Of course, the registration of students can be manually one by one or by batch with cvs file or similar.

What type of information is collected from each customer? (eg purchase attempt, all purchases with date and amount, how they are progressing in the course, etc.)

If all this information is registered, those who tried to buy and did not finish doing so are pending with the date of the attempt, purchases, amounts and by which gateways the transactions have been registered.

Tracking and reports

Reports on connection and participation in activities: are they compatible with the information requested by companies to be subsidized (Tripartite)?

Yes, we are currently working with companies in Spain that receive bonuses through FUNDAE and in Argentina through SEPYME.

Can I, at any time, give access to someone from HR to monitor the performance of the courses?

Of course! At any time you can add mentors to your courses or projects.

Is there a possibility that the platform remembers until which module each student advanced and shows their progress?, so that if they close session and return to the course at another time they can resume from the last approved unit. That they do not have to resort to modules already seen if they do not want to

Of course! Visually the student will be able to identify the stadium in which he is, through icons and colors at a glance he will be able to know it.

In the analytics and metrics module, everything is recorded and the activities that have already been carried out are left with their response and all the interaction that the participant had. There are global advances of the course and individuals at the unit and activity level.