Setup y primeros pasos


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How to manage your Academy? First steps

We know that the first steps always cost a lot! That is why we have prepared a guide so that you can create your own training space in simple steps and start creating training courses!

How to manage your first course?

Create your first training course, manage the information, add users, mentors and start the adventure.
Structure your content into units and add activities.

Integrate ZOOM

Learn how to use your own Zoom account within go4clic.

Custom Domain

Use your own domain for your personalized training space.

Configure payment gateway

You can configure Mercado Pago, Paypal or Stripe.

Design certificates and schedule shipments

Give your clients an experience 100% designed for them by providing them with personalized certificates for each course.

How to embed an activity from another platform

Create activities from other applications (for example collaborative whiteboards)

Custom Course Landing (html)

Do you need an exclusive design to promote your training course or do you simply want to dazzle your client? Integrate your own design to the landing of your course!

Upload an HTML to an activity

In simple steps, upload your own html file to an activity and push the limits.