At go4clic S.A. We know that the privacy and protection of your personal information is the most important
, for that reason, we employ high security standards in our
applications and systems, and advanced protection measures are implemented in order to ensure
for the confidentiality and integrity of the information of clients and users of the platform.
The objective of this Policy is to publicize the way in which we obtain, treat,
store and protect data personal information that clients or users or visitors of the
website provide. Either directly (through the use of forms or
web tools owned by go4clic), through a third party or by browsing
through the sites.
This Policy will only be valid for personal data obtained through
the sites, web tools and mobile applications owned by go4clic, not being
applicable to information collected by third parties in other channels.
The User declares that the information and data you provide are accurate and truthful.
Responsible for the data
go4clic SA
CUIT 33-71660941-9
File of the National Registry of Databases Private Nº:
RL-2020-64886345-APN-DNPDP # AAIP
Registered office at calle Av 7 Nº 172, city of La Plata, province of Buenos Aires,
República Argentina.
Contact of the Data Protection Delegate:
Purposes and legitimation of the treatments
The data provided by the users are recab ados through the go4clic communication channels
and / or data collection forms incorporated into said
channels for the purposes indicated in each of said forms, by means of the
Obtaining the consent of the users.
At the time of collecting the data, the voluntary or obligatory nature of the data being collected and the purposes will be indicated. The refusal to provide
the data classified as mandatory will mean the non-provision or the impossibility
of accessing the service for which they were requested. Likewise, data
may be provided voluntarily in order to optimally provide the services
The processing of the user's personal data may be necessary for the
maintenance, compliance and control of the relationship created between the user and go4clic, as well as
for the fulfillment by go4clic of its legal obligations. In all other
assumptions, and whenever appropriate and necessary, go4clic will ask the user for
consent to process their personal data.
Users who provide personal data, (including the image contained
in your identification document, mobile phone and email), as well as the
data to which go4clic has access as a result of browsing the
internet web pages, or the validation of the different security levels, will be
treated by go4clic.
The purposes for which we will collect data are:
1. Attend, manage and answer the queries, questions and requests made by
users through the attention or communication channels enabled by
go4clic (Legitimation of the treatment: user consent).
2 . Maintain, comply with and control the contractual and pre-contractual relationship between users,
clients and go4clic (Legitimation of treatment: Execution of contracts).
3. Improve the web pages or tools owned by go4clic, as well as its
products and services, in order to offer better quality and service to the user,
develop new products / services or improve the internal processes of the entity
(Legitimation of the treatment: User consent for the use of technology
such as those called | cookies and Legitimate Interest).
4. Comply with the legal obligations of go4clic (Legitimation of the treatment:
Compliance with a legal obligation).
In the event that go4clic users must provide their email address
to access Some of the services offered may
state that they do not wish to receive any type of communication that go4clic could
send, provided that it is not strictly linked to the purpose for which
the service.
Transfer of data
go4clic will not transfer data to third parties except:
(i) for the fulfillment of a legal obligation,
(ii) that is necessary for the provision of the service or the execution of your
request, in which case you will be previously informed of said assignment, or
(iii) that the user has given their prior and informed consent, both of
the identity or category of third-party assignees such as the type of
data that is the object of the assignment, by checking a box on the
forms or web tools in which their data is collected.
Only in the In cases where it is necessary, international transfers of
data may be made to third countries or international organizations, on which there is a
adequacy decision of the European Commission regarding them. In such cases,
adequate procedures will be established to guarantee the appropriate measures to be
taken. International transfers to countries that cannot guarantee an adequate
level of protection will be exceptional and will be carried out as long as they are
essential for the proper development of the contractual relationship.
Data retention
The data will be kept for the time necessary for the purpose for which
they were collected and the corresponding term will be specified in each specific case (form or
web tool).
With In general, personal data will be kept in accordance with the following
(i) inquiries or requests for information will be kept for up to 5 years;
(ii) after the contractual relationship or provision of services, personal data will be
blocked during the statutory limitation period of 3 years.
(iii) request for deletion on your part, in the cases in which it proceeds.
Once they have elapsed the legally established deadlines, the destruction will be carried out
of your data.
The user may at any time:
As determined in art. 14 subsection 3 of law 25,326, the User may
exercise their right of access to their data for free at intervals of not
less than 6 months. And you can also:
1. Access your personal data that go4clic may have (right of access).
2. Modify your personal data that are inaccurate or incorrect (right of
3. Cancel your personal data when, among other reasons, the data is no longer
necessary (right of deletion).
4. Request the limitation of the use of your personal data by go4clic, in
which case they will only be kept for the exercise of claims (right
of limitation).
5. Oppose the use of your personal data for purposes other than the relationship
with the user (right of opposition).
6. Obtain your personal data in a computer file for its use or to be provided to
a third party (right of portability).
The previous forms of exercise of the rights of access, rectification, deletion,
Limitation, opposition and portability can be exercised directly by the owner of the data
or through a legal or voluntary representative, through written communication, accrediting
their identity, addressed to or to calle 10 Nº 1077, Local Nº 2, of the
City of La Plata, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic.
The owner of the data may request at any time the withdrawal or blocking of their name
of the databases, based on what is established in art. 27 of Law 25,326. To do this
you must contact the email: POLITICAS@go4clic.COM and an Agent of
go4clic will guide you through the process.
The National Directorate for the Protection of Personal Data, Control Body of
Law 25,326, has the power to deal with complaints and claims that are
filed in relation to non-compliance with the rules on data protection
In case you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or about
the use we give to your personal information, you can contact us at
electronic POLITICAS@go4clic.COM.
go4clic does not make individual decisions of automated processing that
produce legal effects on the user or significantly affect him in a similar
way, unless he has the consent of the user or is necessary for the
provision of the service. In all cases, the user will have the right to obtain
assistance from go4clic in the process, and may challenge the decision.
Commercial communications
The user is informed that, through the forms of data collection,
go4clic could obtain your consent, to send you commercial communications.
If the user gives his consent, go4clic may contact the user
by ordinary mail, email, SMS, or any other means of
equivalent electronic communication, to send him commercial communications
about your products and / or services or; in your case; to send commercial
communications about products and / or services of identified third parties, or
belonging to the sectors indicated.
In any case, the user is not obliged to receive the aforementioned advertising. If at a
certain moment the User does not wish to continue receiving communications of this
nature, he may revoke his consent by directing his request in writing, proving
his identity, to the email address POLITICAS @ go4clic.COM, or Av 7 Nº 172,
of the City of La Plata, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic, or by using
the link provided for this purpose in the electronic commercial communications you receive.
Third party links
go4clic communication channels may contain links to other web pages.
Please note that go4clic is not responsible for privacy and data processing
from other websites or channels. This document applies exclusively to the information
that is collected in the go4clic communication channels. We recommend that you read the
data treatment policies of other web pages with which you link from our
“go4clic communication channels” or that you visit in any other way.
Social networks
Users have the opportunity to join the pages or groups that go4clic has on
different social networks. The user must bear in mind that, unless go4clic requests
their data directly (for example, to answer queries in a private environment), their
data will belong to the corresponding Social Network. Therefore,
users are recommended to read carefully the terms and conditions of use and the
privacy policies of the corresponding Social Network, as well as make sure to configure their
preferences regarding to the processing of your data.
One of go4clic's highest priorities is the protection of information from
our clients. For this, high security standards are used in their
applications and systems, and the most advanced protection measures are implemented in
to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the information,
maintaining the Highest levels of security to protect the user's personal
data against accidental losses and unauthorized access, treatment or
disclosure, taking into account the state of technology, the
nature of the stored data and the risks to which they are exposed.
The personal data that go4clic may collect through the “go4clic communication channels”, or through the different communications that
maintains with the user, will be treated with absolute confidentiality,
committing go4clic to keep them secret and
guaranteeing the duty to keep them by adopting all the necessary measures that
avoid its alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access, in accordance with the
established in the applicable legislation at all times.
Access to the go4clic communication channels may imply the use of
cookies. Cookies are files that are downloaded to the user's computer in order
to collect data that are essential for the proper functioning of web pages,
applications or any other go4clic page, providing advantages to the user , facilitating
the navigation and usability of the same, and that may be updated and recovered by
go4clic responsible for their installation. Cookies generally have a limited
duration in time.
No cookie allows contacting with the user's phone number, their
email address or any other means of Contact. No cookie
can extract information from the user's hard drive or steal personal information.
Users can configure at any time the consents they have given
for those cookies that are not necessary to view the page o
web tool (analytical, advertising or behavioral advertising cookies) through
the go4clic Cookies Policy. Additionally, users can disable the use
of cookies through the configuration / adjustment options of their browser, in such a way that
they can block, restrict, disable or delete the acceptance of cookies.
You can consult the detailed and updated information on cookies in the go4clic Cookies Policy.
Review of the Privacy Policy
go4clic will carry out a review of the Privacy Policy annually, unless
there are regulatory or other requirements that make it necessary to adapt the
Policy with a lower frequency. Therefore, users are advised to
consult the Policy on each of the occasions that they are going to access or use
go4clic pages, or applications, at least periodically consult their content.